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Demystifying manufacturing and supply chain


Our ecosystem building initiatives are run as not-for-profit community-driven events fuelled by purpose and community need. We strive for impact and are passionate about enabling entrepreneurs to unlock the power of hardware by demystifying manufacturing and hardware supply chain. 

Hopefully, the photos, videos and blog on this page will give you some insights on the innovation tour experience as well as help to demystify manufacturing and the hardware supply chain.

Shenzhen Innovation Tour 2018

Factory Visit Highlights

"State of Electronics" - Online Documentary Series

Karl von Moller, professional filmmaker, photographer and electronics enthusiast attended the HardworX Shenzhen Innovation Tour 2017. In 2009/2010, Karl produced an online documentary entitled “State of Electronics” which looked at the trends in the electronics industry in Australia at the time, as well as the history of the Australian electronics industry. More recently, Karl has expanded the focus of this documentary to include the rise of the Maker Movement. Below are the episodes of the "State of Electronics" online documentary series relating the HardworX Shenzhen Innovation Tour 2017.