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Supporting Hardware Innovation

We are in the midst of a hardware revolution brought about by digital disruption, the democratization of hardware and disruptive manufacturing techniques. Creating a hardware startup is easier than ever, yet, scaling remains the single biggest challenge facing hardware startups and SMEs.

At HardworX, we support hardware innovation  by demystifying manufacturing and the hardware supply chain, helping startups and SMEs get to scale successfully and sustainably. 

What we do


International InnovationTours

Curated, immersive tours designed to demystify manufacturing and the hardware supply chain by providing insights into what it takes to design and deliver a hardware product at scale.

Workshops, Meetups
& Panel Discussions

From best practice prototyping techniques to tips on how to engage with manufacturers, we believe that sharing knowledge, experience and failures builds a stronger ecosystem.

Innovation Program Design & Delivery

Bespoke programs for hardware innovators and entrepreneurs aimed at developing capability, reducing execution risk and fostering collaboration across the ecosystem. 

STEM Outreach
& Engagement

Design and delivery of engaging STEM programs for kids and youth aged 3-25 including career tasters, school holiday programs, technology tasters, mentoring and lots more.