We are in the midst of a hardware revolution brought about by digital disruption, the democratization of hardware and disruptive manufacturing techniques. Creating a hardware startup is easier than ever, yet, scaling remains the single biggest challenge facing hardware startups and SMEs.


At HardworX, we unlock the power of hardware by demystifying manufacturing and hardware supply chain, helping startups and SMEs get to scale successfully and sustainably. To support, develop and enrich the global hardware innovation ecosystem we undertake the following two key initiatives.


HardworX Shenzhen Innovation Tour 2018 - Tour Experience
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This trip has really demystified a lot of the manufacturing process. Just knowing how you go from that initial idea all the way to the end product, it definitely cleared up a lot of misconceptions.

- Liam Brennan, 2017 Tour Participant

We take hardware innovators, engineers, and entrepreneurs on curated, immersive tours designed to demystify manufacturing and the hardware supply chain by providing insights into what it takes to design and deliver a hardware product at scale. 


We visit hardware innovation ecosystem hotspots to build connections, encounter new ideas, explore possibilities and take advantage of expert knowledge, with the aim of demystifying manufacturing to help hardware innovators gain the tools, networks, and confidence needed to build their hardware supply chain.


Aimed at early stage hardware startups, our workshops demystify the process of going from a single prototype to a scalable, cost-effective supply chain.